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Welcome to Mysafari!

I created this site to share my passion in photography. I have a day job, but shoot and frame people (with a camera, of course) whenever I can. :D

I don’t have a specific shooting style… I basically shoot anything that catches my attention…though recently I’ve been into street-shooting.

Leica M is my primary gear and sometimes I shoot with my Nikon D90 as well. Feel free to contact me if you’ve any question about my blog, my photos, or my gear.

I hope you enjoy this site.


  1. Michael Struckmeyer
    March 15, 2012

    Dear Nathan,

    I went on a photowalk with Dave from shoottokyo and shoot an M9 myself.
    That’s how I found your site and I have to say that I like the design very much.
    You participated in a workshop with Thorsten Overgaard – can you recommend this or what is your experience with such kind of training?

    I consider to join in Shanghai or Hong Kong, but I am not so sure if it can really help me or not.

    Appreciate to get your comment on this.

    Best regards,


    • Nathan
      March 15, 2012

      Hi Michael,
      Is this going to be your first workshop?
      Before attending any workshop, I always ask myself what I’d like to get out of it…as in learn to compose better, to read light better etc..or sometime just for the experience of it…
      But most of the time for me the one thing that I really enjoy, apart from making the instructor work for the money, is to meet new friends and learn from one another.
      Ok, without knowing your level of experience, in the case of TO’s workshop, I think it’s important to be honest and be more specific in terms of what you want to learn and be proactive in asking questions :)
      The number of participants is also important…the lesser people the more opportunity you get :)
      I love shooting in Hong Kong, it’s got that character that you can only find there…

      Hope this helps…keep shooting,


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